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The present high rate of change and fierce competition places high demands on businesses to comply with and meet rapidly changing requirements. We at Ingenjörsbyn helps companies to use modern technology, tools and methods to pragmatically deal with the need for flexibility and change. We believe in the 80-20 rule, do the job which provides the most business value first.

We know that this is best done by offering high-quality skills. Such expertise is obtained through long experience, which all consultants on Ingby have.
Our experience is unique because it extends from pure programming, design, architecture and analysis to management of development organizations. We have worked with the entire development process that includes everything from the early creative process of initial design, construction, testing to administration and support.

We like the word “pragmatic”, it is important to get started. We like for example working with open source code to find tools and support systems. Commercial alternatives are not a problem, the goal is to find cost-effective means for their development.

An often forgotten element of the project is the atmosphere and personal chemistry. We at Ingby strive to find the right composition of the team and create conditions formaximum productivity.

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