bischeck 0.4.0 is on its way

We are working hard trying to complete the next version of bischeck, version 0.4.0. This version will include the following features and bug fixes:

New feature

• [FR-197] Support for different and multiple integration with different surveillance and monitoring systems. With version 0.4.0 bischeck is not limited to send data to Nagios. It can now send the data to multiple Nagios servers and to other servers like OpenTSB. This is done by moving server formatting and protocol to server integration classes that implements the interface com.ingby.socbox.bischeck.servers.Server. The server integration is described in the xml configuration file servers.xml. This also means that that some Nagios NSCA specific properties previous configured in properties.xml has been moved to the servers.xml file in the NSCA section. The OpenTSDB server class should be regarded as beta.

• [FR-202] The implementation of running bischeck once, in a none daemon mode, is changed so the same code is used as running in daemon mode. The only difference is that the initialization of triggers are different so all service items are just ran directly and and just once.

• [FR-218] The bischeck daemon can now reload the configuration without a process restart. This is support through the JMX operation “reload”. The feature will limit the need of operating system access and authorization.

• Added support for other Linux distributions then Redhat based. bischeck should now install on Debian 6 and Ubuntu 10/11.

• Configuration listing. The configuration listing has been moved from the ConfigurationManager class to the DocManager class. Currently html and text listing is supported. The generated configuration data will by default placed in the bischeckdoc directory.

• A configured service can be configured not to send its data to a the configured monitoring servers like Nagios. This can be useful if the Service is just to be used to construct virtual services or just to be used as thresholds.

Bugs fixed and important issues

• The Service interface has a number of new methods that should been there from the beginning. If you developed any service class you need to add these, but if you just inherited ServiceAbstract its fixed for you. The new methods are:

public NAGIOSSTAT getLevel();

• Property cacheclear is renamed to thresholdCacheClear.

• All the nsca related properties has been moved from properties.xml to servers.xml when used for the NSCAServer class. The new property names has also gone through some minor changes. When upgrading a manual update is needed of the servers.xml file with the current setting of nsca related properties in properties.xml. Recommended that these are later removed.

• All JAXB generated configuration classes now support serialization.

• [TR-216] “Shutdown is automatic triggered”.

• [TR-217] “Configuration Manager initialization failed with java.lang.NullPointerException”.

• [TR-207] “sudo in bischeckd script cause problem at boot”.

For more info check out the bischeck project on

If you see any feature you lack or bugs you like to report just go to the site and register.


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